If you’d like to keep track of the DOGE price, the Exodus crypto charts are a great way to do so. What’s most interesting is that DOGE has held its value so well in the long term. Other projects come and go, https://tradecrypto.com/events/conferences/decipher-2022/ but DOGE remains in the top 50 crypto list by market capitalization . A common refrain among the Dogecoin community is that no matter how much the price increases, 1 DOGE will always be equal to 1 DOGE.

What is the highest Dogecoin reached?

  • Dogecoin was launched in December 2013.
  • Dogecoin hit its lowest price when it briefly attained a price of $0.0000869 on May 6, 2015.
  • On May 8, 2021, attained its highest price with a price of $0.682 per Dogecoin.

If you’re looking to buy Dogecoin merely to speculate, then you can opt for an online brokerage such as Robinhood that allows cryptocurrency trading. Webull and eToro also allow you to trade the coin, but many other brokers do not support crypto trading at all. To do this, you’ll need to verify your identity, email, and phone number, as is the case on many exchanges.

Dogecoin DOGE Wallet

After 1 minute, your order will be recalculated based on the current market price. The auto-buy feature will allow you to set a specified amount of crypto to purchase and the interval in which you want the automation to execute the purchase. This protects you from exchanges that may not be helpful to you, and those that are downright scam. Rather, there is software that interacts with a global distributed ledger that recognises your ownership of a certain amount of the crypto asset.

how to buy dogcoin

Following this, there is a surge in various meme-inspired crypto assets like Shiba Inu, which has started to become a part of the crypto ecosystem. Most of such dog name coins have spurged after Dogecoin hit nearly $1. Dogecoin is based on the popular ‘doge’ internet meme with the picture of a Shiba Inu logo on it. It was created out of fun by the developers’ Billy Markus, Oregon, and Jackson Palmer.

Why buy DOGE with OKX?

To be safe, we’d advise you to set 2FA and verify your identity later. If you DCA on one investment you can pick a loser investment what will only go down. Better is there to spread your investments while doing DCA. After this step is completed https://tradecrypto.com/news/crypto-industry-news/binance-tops-up-safu-back-to-1-billion/ a verify email will be send to you. If you don’t want to use Binance, there are plenty of alternatives – here’s a list of all theexchanges where you can buy DOGE. In order to buy Dogecoin on Binance, you first need to open an account.

Although initially created as a joke, Dogecoin has been used to facilitate transactions due to its speed and low transaction fees. Dogecoin fans have also been using the asset for third-party online tipping services and crowdfunding for charitable causes. As DOGE grew, it was only a matter of time before Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, listed the asset.

How to buy Dogecoin in Albania

Back in 2013, all sorts of random and debatably pointless cryptocurrencies were created and had million-dollar market caps after just a few days online. One of those was “BBQ Coin“, which at one point had a market https://tradecrypto.com/news/crypto-industry-news/5ire-special-airdrop-results-are-here/ cap of nearly $8 million, and is now effectively worth nothing. The process is pretty simple – you will just need to open your account and select your preferred payment method and deposit the wanted amount.

Others will only let you use a debit card to make instant purchases, which often involves higher fees. On holdings, pay with your crypto for cashback at stores, get loans and more with https://tradecrypto.com/category/news/ethereum-news/ this complete crypto-finance platform. Buy, sell and trade a range of digital currencies on this high-liquidity exchange – suitable for beginners right through to advanced traders.

Buy Dogecoin Using a Credit Card

Analytical portals mostly gather information from different crypto exchanges and show the average value. While crypto trading platforms calculate the price depending on the completed and delayed trade orders placed by their users. Some of them, like Robinhood, can also include the trade fees in the market price.

  • With the Buy/Sell functionality, users on the platform can buy Dogecoin on both Coinbase.com and Coin Pro.
  • The video author said if everyone deposited $25, Dogecoin would reach $1, making each $25 investment worth $10,000.
  • Check the latest rates for Dogecoin pairings Dogecoin is one of the unpredictable sorts of cryptocurrencies.
  • Getting verified is also easy as you’ll need to add your email, verify your account, deposit funds, and start selling and buying Dogecoin.
  • Dogecoins can be stored, sent, and received using Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, or other Linux-based operating systems.

In comparison, Bitcoin has a market cap of $832,167,825,180, or over 80X that of DOGE. During the summer of 2020, a viral TicToc video tried to hype up DOGE. The video author said if everyone deposited $25, Dogecoin would reach $1, making each $25 investment worth $10,000. Please note that the availability of the products and services on the Crypto.com App is subject to jurisdictional limitations.