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The most popular casino games at online casinos 2021

As the casino industry is huge, it is not exactly easy for an online casino to belong to the top. But, we believe, a really good casino sets high standards for itself. In addition, many of the best online casinos are founded by experienced industry personnel or enthusiasts who have a lot of experience as players. Often it is even a combination of these, making it easy for the casino to understand what the casino player is looking for and values.

Of course, this is what online casinos are all about; the casino games. In the best paying online casinos you can also find the best running casino games. These are pokies or slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and the live casino online, which we’ll talk more about below. However, you can find many more casino games in an online casino, such as craps, bingo, scratch cards, bingo and sometimes you can even find sports betting.

Online casinos have to constantly reinvent themselves and therefore new casino games are constantly being added. In this article, we will briefly introduce you to all kinds of casino games that you can find at online casinos, including tips to play. However, if you want to know more about casino games in detail and find where to play them, we suggest you check here.

Online Pokies or Slots

Online slots are the most played casino games and not surprisingly so. In Australia and New Zealand, slots are known as pokies and they’re the most popular casino games there.

There are so many released now that there is a slot for every interest. Whether you just want to have fun or win a million-dollar prize, there’s a pokie for almost every theme from movie to sci-fi.

Chances are you’ll be entertained by a slot machine. So it’s no surprise that more and more developers are joining the ranks, each with their own specialty. Keep checking out at your favorite online casino if you don’t want to miss the newly released pokies games.

Slot Machines

The most classic casino game that you can find in an online casino today is slot machines. Anyone who has ever seen a land-based slot machine in the past knows what this type of slot machine is all about. These are the slots where one screen is all you need to play all the rounds and rules of the game. Often these slot machines don’t have many extras and have a lower than average RTP. The upside of this is that winnings will never be lower than your stake. So if you win something, you’re bound to hit the jackpot.

Video Slots

Today, the vast majority of slot machines are video slots. This means that it contains many spectacular extras such as high-quality graphic effects, appropriate soundtracks, movie-worthy introduction videos, and much more. But what attracts players the most of course are the high number of winning opportunities, the outstanding bonus rounds, and the gigantic prizes to be won.

On some video pokies, you can even pay for a bonus round so that you as a player can always experience it. It is no wonder that these casino games are very popular. And additional features are constantly being invented to make the video pokies even more attractive.

Jackpot Games

This is a game for a certain type of player. Normally, this player is a real adrenaline junkie. Players want to bet high and feel the thrill if they will hit the jackpot or not.

If we talk about jackpots in an online casino we can distinguish two types, the local and the progressive jackpot.

Local jackpot

A local jackpot is built up and shared among all players at the casino in question. Since a jackpot consists of a small percentage of the wagers, it depends on the number of players in the casino how high the local jackpot can go. Often, however, this is a nice amount.

Progressive jackpot

It really gets spectacular with the progressive jackpot. This is because it is built up by all players of the same casino game, regardless of where they are located or in which casino they play. It is obvious that these jackpots have no limits and have made several players millionaires in an instant. Please note that it is much more difficult to win this jackpot. After all, the more players contribute to a prize, the more will also compete for the same prize.


One of the oldest and most popular casino games of all time is roulette. This game is not missing in any casino and, thanks to the new automatic version, not even in arcades. Hence, you can also play this game in many different varieties in online casinos. Most variations focus on bet limits and are offered in different languages, but you can also enjoy different versions. Usually, these are European roulette, French roulette, and American roulette. The first two are practically the same, except that French roulette has a few advantageous rules for players. American roulette differs only by the double zero that doesn’t exist in the other versions and creates a higher house edge.


This is another age-old casino game that never seems to lose its popularity. Most people know the game by the name 21’ing. The object of the game is to hit 21 points directly or as close to it as possible without going over 21. Apart from luck, a good strategy can also give you a hand on the way to winning. Different versions of this game are also possible, most of which focus on stakes and language.


Another exciting table game is baccarat. In this game you do not actively participate as a player, but you bet on the outcome between player and dealer. In doing so, you can bet on a win for either of them or a tie. As with many other casino games, the outcome here is based entirely on luck. There is no strategy to help you win. You can, however, use well-known betting strategies to keep an eye on your bankroll. Baccarat is also available in other versions, including Punto Banco.


Everyone has probably heard of poker. This is a game of skill where luck also plays a factor. Because of this, poker is the only casino game you can play professionally. That is if you’re very good at it. Still, most casinos don’t offer the version that will make you rich. Often, you can only play video poker, casino poker, and live casino poker. These always bet on one round and the player with the best combination wins. You won’t get rich from this, but it’s a good way to practice for a possible tournament, should you ever want to participate in one.

Live Casino

A relatively new phenomenon that is very popular in online casinos is live casinos. The most famous table games are offered here in the live version with a real live casino dealer. This means that you can chat with the live dealer and he will answer your questions while you play. You can also chat with fellow players, which makes the game very social. Another great thing about the live casino is that new casino games are constantly being invented, such as Deal or no Deal Live, Monopoly live and many more. This makes for endless entertainment at any time of day. To help you find the best sites with a real life dealer, you can visit which compares and reviews live casinos online.

Free Casino Games

If you want to try the online casino for free first, you can do that too. You can look for a no deposit bonus, but in doing so you are usually limited to one game.

If you really want to experience the casino, then it is best to go for the demo mode. In this mode, you can play almost all casino games, with the exception of the live casino, and get a demo credit. Just be aware that you can’t win real money in this mode.

Payment methods online casinos

A reliable online casino offers a wide range of deposit options. This is with the exception of the pay’n play casino. Here it is limited to Trustly because other methods are not compatible with the system of this type of casino. All other online casinos usually offer more methods, including iDeal, credit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and more. Payment with bitcoins has also gained popularity in the past few years. If you are interested in paying with bitcoins, the best bitcoin gambling sites according to europeanbusinessreview , will help you make your game more exciting. As a casino player, you have nothing to complain about in terms of ways to deposit.

But when it comes to withdrawing any winnings, your choice of payment method is pretty important. Some methods are much faster at processing a payment than others. This can be the difference between getting your money the same day you requested it, or having to wait several days before it’s in your account. So players are starting to look specifically for same day withdrawal casinos more and more these days, as they expect to be able to get access to what they win straight away.

Tips for playing at online casinos

The best tip we can give you for the online casino is; don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. This way you’ll ensure that the game will always be fun. After all, that’s what casinos are made for – to provide fun. So don’t lose yourself in the illusion that you’re about to win and keep your cool. Who knows, maybe you’ll win a nice prize one day.